Save the Heritage Trees!

If you ride the highway from Naga-San Fernando-Carcar, you will definitely notice the large, majestic and decades-old acacia trees. Lately, a road widening project is in the works and these trees are in danger of being cut down because, “unfortunately” they are in the way. Local politicians, the Deparment of Public Works and Highways and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources are all in agreement that these trees need to be axed.

Yesterday, Sunday, October 13, the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes, represented by core members Daryl Mishka Watin, Monica Gloria Manluluyo and Edna Lee joined a Heritage Caravan together with a busload of Law students from the University of Cebu led by Atty Liza Osorio and Atty Gloria Estenzo Ramos. The goal was to document the trees and to bring public awareness to fight for its preservation for a multitude of ecological and cultural reasons. Fight for the environment and counter development aggression. We save the trees, we save our future.